FSO: Building engaged workplaces


  • An employee can directly message our email portal with complaints, suggestions, wishes, recommendations, problems etc.
  • Your employee be confident that the message is heard and sent to the appropriate destination.
  • Recognition is given for any idea that improves processes, procedures, and workflows.
  • Employee knows that they have support outside the company (working place, office, or warehouse etc.)
  • We monitor emails 365 days per year.


  • Get information about the internal workings of your company.
  • Encourage useful ideas from staff to improve company processes.
  • Prevent disagreements from escalating into conflicts.
  • Avoid negative reviews from staff leaving the job.
  • Get an honest, complete risk assessment of your company.
  • Write off our services as company expenses for business.
  • Get information directly from us. Many managers/ supervisors hide information from company owners and executives.
  • Independent, great value outside opinion and support.

Extra Services: You can request online feedback forms per quarter, which data we will analyse and report on.

Creative Ideas

Our product will suit a company that has one hundred employees equally as well as one with over a thousand.
Let us boost your staff’s health, happiness and well-being which will set your business on the road to success.


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