To improve creativity in the workplace, a business must be willing to implement actions that promote the creating of innovative staff. The ability to stimulate fresh and exciting ideas is what separates industry leaders from their less successful peers, so you need to think of how to improve this skill.


Here are four methods that help innovate idea generation in the workplace:

1. Create an environment that rewards risk-taking

Respond enthusiastically to all ideas and never make someone offering an idea feel foolish. Give even the most outlandish of ideas a chance to be heard. Offer incentives to individuals who are looking at methods to improve an aspect of the organisation. Staff are a resource that organisations shy away from using when coming up with a solution to a problem.

2. Brainstorming

Brainstorming sessions have been around for decades. It enables businesses to synergise all their staff’s thoughts to come with outside the box solutions/suggestions. It is important to put some system in place to allow all employees the opportunity to speak. You don’t want a small portion of employees to dominate the session, it will hinder idea generation. You must then filter through all ideas generated and find the ones that have the biggest potential to succeed.

3. Train your staff 

Your workforce may be able to bounce ideas around, but they may not be familiar with the skills needed to solve creative problems. Training sessions in techniques like lateral thinking and mind-mapping may be beneficial.

4. Roleplay 

The procedure is straightforward, simply swap places with your co-workers and try to understand their point of view. It does not always produce immediate results, but it frequently yields intriguing conclusions and brand-new conceptions. Swapping roles gives an individual a more well-rounded perspective of the organisation. They bring fresh eyes to a different sector of the business and may spot an area of the business that needs improvement.

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