Creating a good work environment for communication must be worked for, it is not a given. Fostering employee engagement programs can have great effects on the overall operation of a business. It can streamline processes and help inter-department relationships.

Suggestion box 

This is old, but an effective method to gauge the opinions of your staff. It allows employees to communicate their opinion in an anonymous fashion. Employees are much more willing to tell leadership the truth about the issues that matter.

Stop using ‘traditional’ office layouts 

Cubicle walls should be a feature of the past, they do not promote engagement between staff. When it comes to nurturing communication, open office formats, have several benefits, including making it possible for workers to meet face-to-face. Employees are restricted by the four cubicle walls that surround them,

Perform team building exercises 

Apart from being a fun activity, team building exercises have been known to improve communication between staff and solidify relationships. There are a variety of activities that can be undertaken, from holding lunch events to company weekend retreats. Team building occasionally gets a bad reputation, but if carried out correctly can have some positive upside for the organisation.

Actively listen to employees 

This is a skill that easily overlooked by people in positions of authority. People often associate a conversation with conveying one’s own message, but good contact involves the two-way passing of information. It’s impossible to be on the same page if you’re not actively listening to what the other person is saying.

Promote effective email use 

Email communication has gotten a poor rap in recent years, as it has been subject to the same kinds of scrutiny as other technical networks. Email is an incredibly effective way to engage with staff members on a technical basis by not distracting them from other tasks. Businesses should steer clear of any kind of unnecessary perceived time pressure, make sure that you put a goal for response/action in your initial email.

Finally, communication training for staff can make a healthier environment for all participants and improve productivity. Check out our article on how to improve idea generation in your workforce.